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A Four week League for Single Action Shooters. 

Once you have acquired a basic understanding and use of your firearm, this league is designed to give you the opportunity to exercise and practice those techniques.

This monthly match is also designed to simulate critical decision making skills under levels of stress, while enhancing the shooters marksmanship and firearm handling skills.

This league is open to adult couples in which each person will shoot the same course of fire as their partner. The courses of fire consist of live target acquisition.   (5 weeks)

These leagues are open to youths ages 10 – 17. This competition will afford the youths the opportunity to test their marksmanship skills against others in their age group.  

The Pistol Combat League is fast paced. It challenges and tests the shooters gun handling skills and the ability to balance speed and accuracy.

A 2 GUN     One night event  that challenges the line of force and tests the shooters gun handling skills with the ability to balance speed and accuracy with your AR-style rifle (mini-14 or similar) as well as your pistol (secondary firearm).

The purpose of the league is to teach respect for firearms, firearm safety in a fun environment with parents as a KEY component of this activity.