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 Took the Hammers & Nails Class,, OMG best thing i ever did for myself and my Daughter. Learned more about guns than i ever knew, Getting to shoot the different guns was a total eye opener, found i liked the CZ-75 in 9mm and my daughter liked the Sig P238. The instructon and help on the range was first class.. would recommend this class to all women who are looking to get a gun...  



 Took the Hammers and Nails Class, Never shot a gun before, so was a little nervous.  But 30 minutes into the class i decided that this would be fun, the instructor, his cadence and demeanor made me feel comfortable, and I learned a lot. Once on the range the insturctors were more than helpful, i felt empowered to go and look for the gun i found i liked the Sig Saur P238 in 380.    Wonderful Class, Soo refreshing not to be talked down to because i am  new to shooting.  I will take other training from Hershell he is wonderful.    




 Took the CCW Class, thought what can this guy talk ablut for 5 hours, when it was over i wondered where the time went, IT FLEW BY,  More information than i ever imagined i need to know about CCW.  The material covered, the explination and scenarios presented gave me a whole new prespective about Concealed Carry..   Lots to know and lots to digest.  I would recomend this class from Centerfire Training to anyone remotley concidering a CCW Permit.  Awsome to have a course of fire to shoot as well.



 Took the Skill Builders 1, after our initial meeting I made a mental note that what Hershell, the instructor told us we would be doing, Learning, and would accomplish, was not possible.  I am a new shooter so figured it would take me months to get to that stage of shooting,,  1 hour and 35 minutes later I was doing the things he said we would do. Never dreamed I could do these things with a handgun in that amount of time.   FANTASTIC Instruction.          I will be taking it again just as a refresher before going onto Skill Builders 2…  Can’t wait.